How it Works

When it comes to chocolate, books and tea...resistance is futile...

So said someone I'm sure!

In life there are few things as enjoyable as settling in to the promise of a good book with some gourmet chocolate and a great cup of organic tea.  And that is exactly what we deliver...

Every month, we send out a carefully chosen dark & twisty book from your selected genre, dark chocolate (some of best chocolate out there) and a variety of premium loose leaf, organic, dark teas.

You can purchase our subscription as a gift, as a one time box, as a three month subscription (3 boxes), or as six month subscription (6 boxes).

Our three & six month subscriptions are discounted to show our loyal subscribers our appreciation.

Whether you shiver in anticipation for a great thriller or mystery, can't wait to get your hands on an epic fantasy or science-fiction adventure, or simply love a surprise  - you pick with your Well Twisted Tales & Tea Box!

Our Hardcover Box is a lucky dip on horror, crime, thrillers, classics, sci-fi, fantasy and even a dark romance. 

We know you're on the edge your seat ... your box will arrive soon!

What are you waiting for? This is the best time to sign up!

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