Vintage Well Twisted Tales & Tea Box - Well Twisted Tales & Tea

Vintage Well Twisted Tales & Tea Box

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A Vintage Twist on the original

Dark Vintage fiction. Dark Chocolate. Dark Tea.

The Vintage Well Twisted Tales & Tea gives every vintage book, chocolate & tea lover the opportunity to indulge in amazing reads, sweet treats and organic teas.

What's in the box?
Each month, members receive the finest chocolate, organic black tea, and a dark & twisty Vintage edition. There are no unwanted items in our box - we'd rather give you more books, chocolate or tea!

The Book
Genuinely vintage* and sure to look beautiful on any bookshelf. Lucky dip on crime, thrillers, literary classics, sci-fi, fantasy and even romance. 

The Tea
Genuinely organic and sure to taste beautiful to any black tea lover.  Carefully selected, each box contains enough tea for the whole month.

The Chocolate
Genuinely yum and sure to indulge your dark chocolate desires.

*“Vintage” is a term often associated with books more than 50 years old but less than 100. “Vintage books” tends to apply to collectibles and mid-century volumes prized for their nostalgic value.

If you love Vintage books, tea and chocolate this is the subscription for you!

Boxes ship mid-month via Canada Post and we share shipping costs with you! 

We've set a flat rate of $15 per box for Canada. $25 per box for the USA.

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